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Some of the benefits of the advisory services performed by Gus Roome Independent Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd include:

  • The specialist approach resulting in higher probability that desired outcomes from the advisory services will be achieved.
  • Via the company clients gain access to a wide range of product providers in the disciplines of retirement funding.
  • Clients save resources and time in having to research all the applicable products of product providers, attempting complicated comparisons and having to match solutions.
  • Higher probability in eliminating errors in reason not necessarily as a result of incorrect intuitions but often because we do not know better.
  • All features and benefits presented to the employer group who makes the buying decision.
  • The value derived from independent and unbiased advice devoid of any conflict of interest.
  • The clear segregation of duties and professional service level agreements i.e. eliminating the “blame game”.
  • Full transparency on all costs i.e. consulting fees, commissions, administration fees, group risk benefit costs, investment administration fees, asset management fees, asset consulting fees and statutory fees.
  • Innovative and leading member communication and education programs, deductible under the skills development levy for employers.
  • Customised retirement funding and group risk benefit designed in line with the key performance indices of the employer group.
  • A roadmap of legislative impact on employee benefits.
  • Reduced complexity.
  • A dynamic consulting company not restricted by the red tape or house views of corporate brokerage houses or limited options presented by agents of product providers.
  • Access to a seamless team of specialist associates.

“Retiring from full time employment is considered one of the major events in an individual’s life”

The Psychology Book


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