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Gus seeks to un-lock sustainable value for employers who provides pension, provident and group risk schemes for the employees by doing what he does best, specialist employee benefit advisory services.  For many employers, the human capital element of their human resources strategy forms a very important role in staff recruitment and retention strategies and ultimately business success.  The solution is tailored to the specific employee benefit needs of an employer group.

The philosophy is founded on the premise that independence is invaluable in being able to offer unbiased and objective advice. The company believes that it is more probable that a specialist one-stop shop retirement funding solution would out-perform a generalist one-stop shop retirement funding arrangement. Clear segregation of duties contained in professional service level agreements, full transparency of costs and fees are all elements that un-lock value for retirement fund members and is in line with good fund governance.

Trusted relationships is an identifiable characteristic of the type of relationships that Gus has with his clients.

“Humans need help to make good decisions, and there are informed and intrusive ways to provide that help”

Daniel Kahneman


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